Get Your Confidence Back After Being Fired

When difficult things happen to us at work, it’s tempting to put on a happy face and pretend it's no big deal. Unfortunately, that can lead to lingering negative feelings that impact your ability to show up confidently at work.

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"Kirsten helped me get my confidence back and get promoted." -Dawn, Google

Become an expert on yourself by attending this midlife mindset makeover webinar and understand what it really means to leave with curiosity instead of fear.

The secret to living a happy and fulfilled life is different for everyone. Volo is a neuroscience based project that incorporates research on curiosity, compassion and adult development theory to help you get ready for the road ahead.
Webinar Takeaways:
  • Understand the neuroscience-backed reasons for your midlife crisis.
  • Learn 5 tricks to turn your midlife crisis into an opportunity.
  • Understand how fear is hijacking your (mid) life and what to do about it.
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